Best electric toothbrush PLAQUE, GUM DISEASE, BRACES on a budget 2021

Most of my followers may not actually know that I’m actually a dentist by trade so I wanted to settle once and for all with a little experiment the best electric toothbrush bad breath PLAQUE, GUM DISEASE, BRACES on a budget  under $30 to $100 and there is a very clear winner from my experiment.

In my experiment I tested the top two electric toothbrushes Sonicare and oral b12 toothbrush  that is known amongst the dental professionals to be really good as well called burst and one that I was actually

just hoping to be really good because you only have to brush your teeth for 30 seconds .

Sonicare Diamond Clean Deep Clean 

so what I did was I took a pill that made all the biofilm or plaque in my mouth turned pink for four consecutive days and on the first day I started by testing out the V white toothbrush which as you can see it’s a mouthpiece that just kind of goes in and vibrates and brushes all four quadrant sat the same time and therefore you would only have to brush 30 seconds instead of two minutes.

Now the V white toothbrushhas this little like gimmick for teeth whitening but that actually does nothing

so watch my video on teeth whitening if you want to know more on the best and cheapest method for whitening anyway I really hope this toothbrush would work because theoretically brushing would be

a minute and a half less which is nine hours a year .

I get back but I am sad the  report that it didn’t seem to do much yes it did remove some of the plaque but

it left a lot of plaque behind as you can see on my teeth so the next day I tested out my trusty Sonicare toothbrush that I have used for years

I think it actually is amazing now there are different models for Sonicare and oral-b but the basic technology for all of them is the same and after two minutes the results show that it was much better

than the previous toothbrush but there was still some room for improvement especially where I have a tooth that’s a little bit out of place on the bottom you can see there’s a little bit of buildup there and between most teeth quite frankly you can see a slight halo of pink between all of them now just so

you know none of these toothbrushes or their companies sponsor this post.

Cordless USB Rechargeable Toothbrush Waterproof Ultrasonic Automatic Tooth Brush

But I do have links below to where you can purchase and it will help you out and it will help me out a little to support the Website because I get a small commission from that let’s move on to oral-b this model is over $100 I never have light oral-b mostly because the technology has always felt a little cheap in my handsand because the tip is a circle and I felt I couldn’t be as lazy

When brushing my teeth with the oral-b I had to focus and make sure that circle got on each tooth in fact one flaw in this experiment is that I’m assuming everyone is like me and doesn’t want to focus

that much while brushing their teeth they just want to switch quadrants every 30 seconds when their electric toothbrush tells them to so this post  is for everyone.

5 Gears Electric Toothbrush Powerful Ultrasonic Sonic

Because even the laziest of people that least brush that full two minutes will have great results now you

can see the results for the oral-b compared to my sonic hair and it looked a lot better in between each of the individual teeth except for that one spot where I have the tooth that’s a little bit out of place it left a bunch of plaque now I was able to go back and remove that spot but you won’t be able to know where you’re leaving plaque this is only because I had red dye that showed it.

so if you’re just gonna be like most people you’re gonna brush you’re just gonna hope that it’s doing

the job and you’re gonna miss spots like that so like I said the best toothbrush is the one that gets everywhere with you just moving the brush around your mouth now the last day as you can tell by my

longer facial hair I used this brand that some dental professionals like called burst as I was brushing I thought are you kidding me this feels like the same as.

Sonic Electric Toothbrush Smart Tooth Brush Ultrasonic Automatic

The Sonicare but not as strong and kind of cheaper that’s the only way I can explain it in fact as I’m brushing I’m thinking the only reason why this is even good is because they made it look pretty for people that want a pretty toothbrush so I breast just as lazy as I did the other days and I really expected

to be underwhelmed but when I was done my wife’s response says it all Wow

which the other two meaning Sonicare and oral-b failed to do as good as the burst .

The one spot the other two missed was almost completely gone now to be fair there was a little bit of pink

still there but mostly gone so let me put four pictures up of the results of all four toothbrushes and you can see the results side-by-side for yourself so as you can see there are four takeaways.

Here first rest really was hands down the winner second even with the best one you still gotta

floss there’s no getting around that you have to three to date you still have to brush two minutes one day someone will beat this someone will get a 30-second toothbrush one day but that day is not today for isn’t it strange.

that the plaque constantly builds up in the same spots each day if you go through all my before you’ll be able to see that the plaque always just kind of seems to build in the same spots very interesting hope you like this info pls help to share if you find it valuable to your friends and family.

Commonly asked questions about electric toothbrushes

Do I require an electric toothbrush 2021?

The proof, and the professional advice, says yes. As per dentist Dr Toby Edwards-Lunn, who helped pen a detailed guide on how best to brush teeth every day, and he was clear on the benefits of going electric.

“This day and age the technology is so good, you don’t need to put any elbow grease into it. The brush does it for us”, thought Dr Edwards-Lunn. “From the age of six to 96, all my patients are supported by using an electric toothbrush.” 

Simply switching to an electric toothbrush cannot guarantee healthy teeth. There must be used good toothpaste, brushing technique, brushing at the right time and flossing are all crucial too. But an electric toothbrush is definitely a good start. 

Could electric toothbrushes help with gum disease?

As per Dr Edwards-Lunn, co-founder of Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints, a sugar-free mint that helps protects teeth from tooth decay and acid attacks throughout the day. “Unfortunately, gum disease is a multifactorial disease. Just having an electric toothbrush doesn’t mean you won’t get it. But it will mean the risk is much reduced. The most important thing is removing the plaque.” 

No of Patients who use electric toothbrushes are a lot less likely to suffer from gum disease“,

And with more than half of patients the dentist sees having a high plaque numbers – even those who brush twice a day – moving to an electric option will certainly help patients. 

Could electric toothbrushes help with receding gums?

“Gums recede happened for lots of reasons. Patients can be susceptible to it, or they can sometimes brush teeth too hard. They might  have past problems with gum disease, which could have also caused it. And they can have a thin biotype of gum, where it’s a genetic thing.

“Since an electric toothbrush does the work for you, and will hopefully tell you when you’re pushing too hard on teeth, it can help protect against further recession.” 

Could electric toothbrushes whiten my teeth? 

“There is a very  common misunderstanding with whitening teeth. All the on-shelf products won’t able to  whiten your teeth, they will reduce the amount of stains on your teeth. You’ve got extrinsic stains, which are on the outside of the teeth, from food, drinks and cigarettes etc. 

“please note that Intrinsic stains are down to age or genetics. The tooth whitening in the dental surgery affects intrinsic stains. By using an electric toothbrush you are going to reduce the possibility of putting on extrinsic stains, but it  will not remove the stain once they’re already in.”

  Will electric toothbrushes damage my teeth?

“Yes. While brushing If you’re pushing it too hard, or you are timing your brush incorrectly.

For example, on a night out you perhaps will be putting acidic and sweet things around your teeth. You’ll probably damage your teeth by brushing them. After somewhat sweet or acidic leave it for about 45 minutes.” 

The same goes for breakfast, where acidic things like fruit can soften the outer surface and instant brushing would be dangerous. 

As for scratching the teeth, as long as you don’t push too hard, you should be all right. 

Keep in view of   Dr Edwards-Lunn’s advice in mind, we have been  tested a variety of toothbrushes on the market, from high-tech smart toothbrushes to cheaper options. While some have three-figure a price, the good news is spending around $30 to $100 – sometimes less – will stand you in good stead. Unless mentioned, the products tested all had the magic two-minute timer – so no more excuses. 

The Electric toothbrush: pros and cons 


It very easy to use: Just place it in your mouth and let the electric toothbrush do all the work.

Timers: Numerous come with built-in timers that stop once you’ve hit the coveted two-minute mark or beep to tell you you’re getting close.

Great outcomes: Wisely calibrated to give you the best results with minimal work, electric toothbrushes have been proven to remove plaque quicker than manual ones.

Great Fun for kids: Getting small children to be enthusiastic about brushing can be difficult. But using an electric toothbrush brings some fun into the mix.


Cost: For a quality, durable option you’ll have to spend more than on a normal toothbrush. You’ll also have to replace heads every now and then.

Tough: If you suffer from sensitive gums, an electric toothbrush might be a little too tough. The best part is you can find toothbrushes with different vibration modes.

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