How Do I Get Rid of Coffee Stains From My Teeth

Coffee is a fuel that helps us to stay awake throughout the day. Coffee can stain your teeth and make it more difficult to get them out. You only need one cup of coffee per day to stain your teeth.

A polyphenol compound, Tannin, is found in coffee. It can crumble it down in the water.
Tannins can be found naturally in many edible plants. They contribute color and flavor. Tannins are plant-based chemicals that allow stains to stick on your teeth, leaving behind a yellowish hue. High levels of tannins are common in tea, wine, chocolate, and coffee.

Regular coffee consumption can cause tooth stains. It can lead to self-consciousness. After regular consumption of coffee, tea, and wine, staining can also appear on dental veneers. But that doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying your morning coffee.

How Do I Get Rid of Coffee Stains From My Teeth

Here are some Tips to remove coffee stains from your teeth

1.For teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are common. Make a paste by mixing two drops of hydrogen peroxide with a little bit of baking soda. This paste can be used to clean coffee stains twice daily.

2.You can use reliable, ADA approved over-the-counter teeth whitening products (toothpaste and whitening strips) after consulting with your dentist.

3.Coconut oil pulling is another home remedy for removing stains from your teeth. Coconut oil is an antibacterial agent that can also whiten your teeth. Coconut oil can kill bacteria from your teeth after eating or drinking, neutralize the acid in your mouth and reduce the staining effect.

4.You can switch from a manual toothbrush, to an electric toothbrush. This provides more power and helps keep your gums and teeth healthy. Brush twice daily. Don’t forget to floss!

5.After drinking coffee, brush your teeth for about half an hour and rinse with water before you start to floss.

6.Avoid adding sugar or creamer to your coffee. They can accelerate the growth of bacteria that causes discoloring.

7.To reduce the chance of staining your teeth, iced coffee can be enjoyed through a straw.

8.Coffee should be taken in one sitting to prevent bacteria buildup.

9.After finishing your coffee, drink a glass water to wash your teeth and mouth.

10.Raw fruits and vegetables such as strawberries and lemons that are rich in natural fibers can help you clean your teeth and break down bacteria.

11.Most importantly, reduce your coffee intake and substitute green tea for it as often as you can.

How Do I Get Rid of Coffee Stains From My Teeth

These drinks and food that can stain your teeth:

  • Tea is a source of tannins that can cause staining. It can be worsened by adding milk to your tea.
  • Cola is acidic and can cause stains.
  • One of the most common causes for teeth staining is red wine.
  • Although berries are delicious to eat, they can also cause tooth decay.
  • Teeth staining can be caused by tomato and tomato-based sauces.
  • Stains can also be caused by curry with deep colors.
  • Stains can be caused by fruit juices such as blueberry, cranberry and grape juices.
  • Even after you finish your delicious stir-fry, soy sauce and its dark colour will remain on your teeth.

If you consume coffee it in moderation, coffee is good for your teeth and health. After you have had your coffee, remember to clean your mouth and rinse it off with water. Your dentist should be seen twice a year to clean your teeth and perform professional whitening. Visit your dentist to remove coffee stains and other dental problems.